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Federal Government College Kiyawa
Federal Government College Kiyawa the School to be at, for every Child who want to Study to Excel in his Acadamic Life.
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The school admit student after the common entrance examination which is conducted by the national examination council of nigeria neco, after whch the student who meet the reqiure cut off score for the admission, the selection is done on merit. The school offers admission for both js1 and ss 1 class which is done at the beginning of every new session.
Registration Process
Student who have gotten Admission into the Gederal Government College Kiyawa begin their registration with the obtaing the Admission letter are distributed and the School Guildline are given to Parent on what is require for their ward

Our History

All You Need to Know
About FGC Kiyawa

Fgc Kiyawa was established by general sani abacha the head of state on April 4th 1994 to increase the level of federal unity college in the state and to make sure there is a federal presence here in the community.  They started operation in 1995 with 40 students and the priority principal Mr. WD.Kwagga is the first principal of the school from inception with staff being recruited by the principal.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision


Our Vision

To be a Globally Competitive Center of Excellence for a Secondary Education.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Nurture Learners For Academic Excellence And The Development of Skill, Character, Values and Attitudes for Global Competitiveness.

College Anthem

Federal Government College Kiyawa, School with Purpose and Mission Moulding Lives of Young Generations seat of academic excellence. Sound Education, Moral Instruction I pledge to hold your dignity, to be honest and loyal, to abide by your regulations, Kiyawa my Alma-mater. Pro- united is our abiding force that pulls us from across the world in search of trust, in search of wisdom to this school of high standard. We are proud to be your students, We pray to Almighty God to always abide with us to fulfill our goals and mission, Federal Government College Kiyawa.

Our Sections

All you need to know about our school sections

Science Department

The science Department is the Bedrock of Scientific Research in Building the Knowledge of the student in studying of sciences and Science related course after their Studies here and in the future of the student career  

Humanities Department

Humanities this Department house Languages and Social Science, the home to Art  play and Drama Groups the Staff in this department hold the best teachers of the school. 

Technology Department

Technology Department the 

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Our Team

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and hardworking members

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Second Term 2022/23 Academic Session Principal's Report to Parent to Parents/Guardians

Download the Third Term Newsletter containing the Principal’s Report to Parents and Guardians